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This is by far the worse experience with any company online I have ever had in my life. I ordered computer furniture on March 29th and received everything by April 7th.

There were missing parts and two parts were damaged. I requested the replacement parts on April 7th and April 8th, one on each day. This was not delivered until April 14th and was missing one of the parts I requested. I then re-requested the replacement on the 14th that was missing and did not receive that until the 22nd.

Finally, I proceeded the put the furniture together on the 22nd and discovered one of the replaced parts were damaged again in the delivery process. I requested a replacement part for the second time on the 22nd. I was assured by the parts specialist that this part would be shipped on Monday and overnighted to me to receive on Tuesday. When I called Tuesday, they informed me they were sort-staffed on Monday so it was not shipped.

I called today, Tuesday April 26th, 3 times and even spoke with a supervisor in the parts department and I have still have not been notified this was shipped yet as of 5:38 PM Eastern Standard Time (4:38 Central Standard Time). Everyday I have called twice at least and every single parts specialist assures me the parts will be shipped that day. I feel this is ridiculous and very poor handling of customer service.

If parts are delivered damaged, the replacement parts should be shipped that day or the next day.

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I am sooooooooo mad right now I don't think I'd better comment. Just KNOW WITHOUT A DOUBT it will be EXTREMELY DIFFICULT to get something replaced if damaged in shipping.

:( ! It will also take FOREVVVVVEEERRRR

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